ASCENT Fund supports student’s research contributions in Ireland

Atmospheric science doctoral student Christina McCluskey is currently participating in a research study being conducted at the Mace Head Atmospheric Research Station (Carna, Ireland), a coastal site near an oceanic region of seasonally prominent biological activity.

In August 2015, several research groups are conducting measurements of ambient aerosol to determine the influences of phytoplankton blooms on aerosol properties and abundances. These efforts are part of the Impact of Biogenic versus Anthropogenic emissions on Clouds and Climate: towards a Holistic UnderStanding (BUCCHUS) program in Europe. This program is one of three EU-initiated research projects that seeks to improve climate predictions to develop sustainable policies for Europe.

McCluskey’s contribution is monitoring concentrations of ice nucleating particles to complement the existing suite of measurements. She applied for and was awarded a Colorado State Department of Atmospheric Science ASCENT travel grant to support her participation in the project. The ASCENT Fund (Assisting Students, Cultivating Excellence, Nurturing Talent) was established to provide students with opportunities for research enrichment activities and is generously supported through the donations of alumni and friends.

McCluskey is no stranger to honors and awards. On April 17 at the Department of Atmospheric Science Herbert Riehl Memorial Award/Alumni Ceremony, McCluskey, a Ph.D. candidate of Professor Sonia Kreidenweis, received the Herbert Riehl Memorial Award based on her publication “Characteristics of atmospheric ice nucleating particles associated with biomass burning in the US: Prescribed burns and wildfires” [McCluskey et al., 2014].