Apple features CSU air pollution research in new podcast series

John Volckens

CSU air pollution research led by Professor John Volckens is featured in a new podcast from Apple, Inc. Credit: Apple, Inc.

Technology giant Apple has launched a new podcast channel titled Higher Education Stories, and Colorado State University air pollution research is front and center in the channel’s inaugural post.

A two-minute feature story detailing the work of Energy Institute researcher John Volckens, professor of mechanical engineering and environmental and occupational health, is available to view via iTunes. The feature marks the launch of a new Apple Education series on how Apple products are being utilized across key areas of campuses, including scientific research and innovation.

The Apple production crew visited CSU in January to capture footage, conduct interviews, and learn about how their technology integrates into the research landscape at CSU. Volckens, a member of the CSU Partnership for Air Quality, Climate and Health and the Colorado School of Public Health, shared about the work he leads making inexpensive, wearable air quality monitors that are made user-friendly by coupling them to iPhone software.

“It’s taken me a long time to realize in my career that having impact as an academic is not about publishing papers – it’s about making change,” Volckens says in the video voiceover. “It means empowering people to be able to make choices that affect their own lives. That’s the kind of impact that makes a difference in this world.”

View the story:

Volckens' students work on a project

Some of Volckens’ students were also featured in Apple’s story about CSU air pollution research. Credit: Apple Inc.