Alamosa County: Eldin Lopez-Pascual, Health and Exercise Science

Eldin Lopez-Pascual

All64: Every corner of Colorado. CSU connects with every county.

Eldin Lopez-Pascual

“(CSU) opens a lot of doors for a lot of students and the student life is amazing. Football games, basketball, volleyball and there is also support for a lot of students.”


During the 2022-23 academic year, we are highlighting one Colorado State University student or alum from each of Colorado’s 64 counties. The Centennial State’s land grant university has a connection to the diverse lands and people from the counties of Moffat to Baca, Montezuma to Sedgwick and everywhere in between.

Eldin Lopez-Pascual

Major: Health and Exercise Science with a concentration in Sports Medicine.

Why I chose CSU: Because of all of the open doors that were offered to me as a first-generation student. 

My favorite thing about CSU: The residence hall! I enjoy talking to new people and making new friends along the way. 

Clubs/organizations in college: Academic Advancement Center, Admissions Ambassador, Residential Assistant and Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latino Fraternity Incorporated. 

Scholarships/awards in college: Kay Schaake Memorial Scholarship, First Generation Award Program, McPherson Undergrad Scholarship.

Favorite achievement in high school or college: I was able to work with first-generation students and low-income through the Upward Bound program. I enjoyed working for the program. I participated and it has helped me through my higher education.  

Career goals: Athletic Trainer

Favorite instructor: Dr. Eric Ishiwata, Intro to Ethnic Studies, Dr. Ishiwata had a mindset where he wants to help others as much as possible. Dr. Ishiwata has inspired me and helped me grow as a student, person and a professional. I’m thankful for his dedication.  

Favorite NOCO food and hangouts: Alley Cat.

What’s your favorite CSU tradition: Homecoming!! Love the 5k and everything.

I’d like to thank: Yulissa Chavez, she was my tour guide that inspired me to continue and strive. She listed all the opportunities she had as a student, and I decided to apply and was able to be offered everything she was. 

Quirky fact(s) about you: I know three languages: Q’anbojal, Spanish and English.

What do you tell people from your Alamosa County about CSU: It opens a lot of doors for a lot of students and the student life is amazing. Football games, basketball, volleyball and there is also support for a lot of students. 

Something people should know about Alamosa County: Alamosa is a small community where everyone supports each other. At my local high school, I see parents and guardians helping their students out. Alamosa is a community where everyone is welcome. It is a diverse community with amazing local restaurants such as Lucky Bamboo, Nino’s, Woodys and Hunans!

Biggest adversity you’ve overcome at CSU: Joining a fraternity because I was able to express my Latinx culture and be surrounded by others that have similar stories.