Accounts Payable honored by Employee Appreciation Board

Accounts Payable teamThe Colorado State University Employee Appreciation Board recently honored the Accounts Payable team in Business and Financial Services for going above and beyond its normal duties.

The Accounts Payable Department acts as an administrative unit to disburse organizational funds in a timely and justifiable manner in compliance with state rules and regulations and university policies and procedures. This enables the University to meet its goals of education, research and community service through efficiency, quality and integrity displayed before University clients, vendors and fellow employees.

Going above and beyond

From vendoring to payments and everything in between, this team continues to be a reliable partner to many at CSU. More specifically, various units have shared instances of external vendors sending invoices to incorrect people and places, which could pause/delay future ordering until paid. However, once informed, the Accounts Payable team has been helpful and quick to step in and rectify these situations, pushing payments through promptly so units can resume ordering what they need to do their work.

“Accounts Payable employees are the unsung hero’s behind the scenes,” said nominator Linda Hutson. “It is truly amazing the volume of work they do on a daily basis across the whole university. Their work is vital and valued, and I wanted to call out their amazing efforts.”

The CSU Employee Appreciation Board is grateful to the Accounts Payable team for swiftly and efficiently keeping things moving for so many folks across campus. The team received CSU swag and appreciation treats from Mary’s Mountain Cookies.

Colorado State University’s Employee Appreciation Board recognizes groups that go above and beyond their normal duties. To nominate a campus unit, visit