A message about Fall: Back to campus!

Editor’s note: This message was sent to Colorado State University employees by Provost Mary Pedersen on April 30.

Dear Faculty and Staff:

With the guidance and approval of President McConnell and the Pandemic Preparedness Team (PPT), we have started the process of returning our classrooms to full capacity for the fall, based on the new vaccine requirements. We are informing you about our efforts to move the vast majority of our classes back to in-person. We will also send the message below later this morning to current students and also will be informing our prospective students.

We are working with the Office of the Registrar, Deans and Department leadership and schedulers, and other divisions at CSU to make this shift for online and hybrid classes to in-person, and restore current face-to-face classes to full capacity. Specifically for faculty: if you have any questions about your courses, please consult with your department scheduler or your chair/head.

The PPT will be sharing more information about fall public health requirements including what this means for our return to work on campus.

Thank you for all you have done and continue to do to support CSU’s mission of access and commitment to inclusive excellence. Each one of you plays a valued role in supporting our students and the important work we do in educating future leaders and helping to solve the world’s greatest problems.


Mary E. Pedersen
Provost and Executive Vice President 

Dear Rams:

As you prepare for finals week, I know you are focused on crossing the finish line for this academic year, and looking forward to summer break. I wish you the very best in your studies and exams these next two weeks. I want you to know that when you return in the fall, it will be to a more dynamic Colorado State University experience.

We are diligently working to move the vast majority of course sections to in-person for fall instruction. We also will have a return to full university operations to support student services and facilities use.

What’s Making this Possible

We took a big step forward with the announcement from the CSU System that CSU would require COVID vaccinations for students, faculty and staff for fall. As a result, President McConnell and the CSU Pandemic Preparedness Team (PPT) have given permission to return our classrooms to full capacity for the fall. (Also see “Public Health Measures” below.)

Here’s what we can share with you now about what the return to campus in the fall will mean for academics, student life, and public health measures:


As we move most online and hybrid classes back to fully in-person over the next few weeks, the instructional method of many courses will change. Refer to your RAMweb Weekly Class Schedule to monitor any changes. Additionally:

  • Most changes to the schedule will be completed by mid-June, but will continue throughout summer. It’s important to monitor your CSU email over summer, in case new opportunities for in-person classes are communicated by your academic department.
  • When you first registered, was there an in-person class you wanted and couldn’t get? Sign up for the waitlist now—if seats are added to the section, we will send you a notification.
  • If you have a documented disability that requires online instruction, reach out to the Student Disability Center for assistance.
  • We will work with students who have a preference for online courses but cannot promise that every course will be available in that format as well.
  • Reach out to your academic advisor/ASC, if you need further guidance.

Student Life

The campus experience this fall will be more in-person in campus housing and across the university, including:

  • We anticipate full in-person capacity at The Rec and the return of intramural and sport clubs.
  • Guests will likely be permitted in campus housing and there will be expanded sit-down dining options across campus in dining centers and the Lory Student Center.
  • There will be more in-person events across the university including with student organizations, cultural and resource centers, and campus activities.

Public Health Measures

As we prepare for fall, we will remain COVID-conscious. CSU along with every university in the nation must follow its state and county public health guidelines for COVID-19. This means public health requirements for campuses vary state-to-state, county-to-county. CSU leadership and health experts collaborate closely with the Larimer County Department of Health & Environment to ensure we follow public health guidelines as the pandemic environment evolves.

To ensure the health and well-being of our entire community, we ask you to do the following:

  • Over the summer, please follow all public health guidelines in your local community.
  • Complete your COVID-19 vaccination(s) before the fall semester begins. Preferably, get your shot(s) completed early enough to ensure you are fully vaccinated when you return to CSU.

(As noted in the System announcement, “We recognize that people come to this issue from a variety of perspectives, and the exemptions allowed under state and federal law will be fully available to all faculty, staff, and students once the requirement is in place.”)

  • Follow all CSU public health guidelines in place in the fall.

Fall is a beautiful and exciting time at CSU—largely because of you. We look forward to welcoming you back in the fall. For those of you graduating, congratulations and stay forever stalwart!


Mary E. Pedersen
Provost and Executive Vice President