53:14 Video Experiment kicks off April 20 in Fort Collins

53:14 posterImagine your band featured on the giant RamVision screen at Colorado State University’s new stadium. That’s just one of the prizes in the upcoming 53:14 Music Video Experiment in Fort Collins.

Kicks off April 20

Kicking off on April 20, CreatePlaces and NoCoast Artists are producing the 53:14 Music Video Experiment, a music video festival in association with FoCoMX, The Music District and The Lyric. They are looking for both filmmaker teams and bands/solo artists to apply to participate.

The festival gives participating teams just 53 hours and 14 minutes to create an original music video, from beginning to end. Filmmaker teams and musicians won’t know who will be working together until kickoff on April 20. The challenge (and fun) comes from working with this unknown variable under the time constraint of just over two days. Teams will also have filming access to unique shooting locations like Old Town Square and The Music District.

Prizes for select videos

Teams will be given $500 cash to help with their production, and CreatePlaces will be hosting communal meals during the shoot dates. The completed videos will then be screened alongside live performances by the bands the following weekend, April 27 and 28 at The Lyric as part of the annual FoCoMX music festival in Fort Collins. Additional distribution opportunities, such as special appearances on the stadium screen at CSU and screenings before major releases at the Lyric over the summer, are additional prizes available for select videos.

The inspiration for the name 53:14 comes from the 53 fourteeners, a mountain peak with an elevation of at least 14,000 feet, in Colorado.

More information

Interested filmmakers and bands can go to nocomuvi.net for information and to fill out an application or contact Doug Usher at doug@nocoastartists.com with questions.

The 53:14 Music Video Experiment is made possible thanks to support from Muse, a responsive, competitive grant program offered by Bohemian Foundation that provides support to organizations that have music as their primary focus, or that have a music-centered program.