City neighborhood parking permit areas expanding

The city’s parking permit program for neighborhoods is expanding its neighborhood along north of campus, between Laurel and Mulberry Street in late February. Click on image for PDF map

In March, additional areas east of campus, from Remington east to Peterson, and from Edwards south to Prospect, with the exception of the area immediately surrounding the University Center for the Arts, will also implement a neighborhood parking permit program.

Anyone may park in these two areas one time a day for up to two hours without a permit. Not all neighborhoods with permit programs allow two-hour parking. Check the city’s website for more information about rules within each neighborhood.

The city program, called the Residential Parking Permit Program—or RP3—requires that anyone parking within an enrolled neighborhood have a parking permit if they park in the area for more than two hours. Residents qualify for a free permit for street parking, and can pay a fee for additional permits.

The new areas north of campus go into effect on February 29. The areas east of campus go into effect on March 16. Permits for residents are available starting February 8. Parking permits will be enforced Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.- 5 p.m.

The permit coverage area north of campus has expanded to include Laurel north to Mulberry, and Washington Avenue east to Mason Street. The area with parking permits north of campus was previously limited to the Mantz subdivision, which is from Shield Street est to Washington Avenue. Now, the corridor from Shields to Mason Street between Laurel and Mulberry has a neighborhood parking permit system in place.

Additional areas within the city covered by the city’s residential parking permit system include the Spring Court neighborhood, the Sheely subdivision, Mantz subdivision, and the Old Prospect subdivision.

For additional information or questions about city citations or permits, contact the City of Fort Collins Parking office or visit