Quick tips to make new year's resolutions stick

Happy New Year healthy slimming weight loss or good health resolution with red apple and measuring tape on white wood vintage style calendar for January first. Vertical with copy space.New year's resolutions are a great way for us to re-evaluate ourselves and decide where there is room for improvement in our lives. So when you ring in this new year, make resolutions that will count. Make them positive, make them real, and stick to them. Here are three tips to get started: 1. Be realistic. Make sure the goals you set are not only attainable, but healthy too. For weight loss, goals should be based on losing no more than 1-2 pounds per week. 2. Ask others for help. Having someone join you in making a change can make it seem easier. They hold you accountable and provide a support system. Choose someone who is also motivated so they can help encourage you on your hard days. 3. Take charge of your environment. Surround yourself with people, places, and things that will foster the changes you are seeking. Avoid tempting situations whenever possible. However, develop strategies ahead of time to handle these situations, as they will likely arise at some point. Tips courtesy of the Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center. Visit the Kendall Anderson Nutrition Center webpage to learn more about resources for weight loss and nutrition, including the spring Healthy You: Weight Management & Mindful Eating Program -- also available as a self-paced program, in addition to the interactive series of classes. For more healthy recipes and exercise and nutrition tips, see the CSU College of Health and Human Sciences Pinterest board.

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