2017 CCC Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find out information about the organizations and their agency numbers?
Use the 2017 CCC Directory. Here, you can find out more about local agencies as well as national organizations eligible in the campaign.

What happens if I donate but don’t give my money to a specific organization?
This undesignated money goes to Mile High United Way in Denver. If you wish for your donation to be a more local agency, take the time to see what’s available in the online directory at www.colorado.gov/ccc/. For example, if you want to support Larimer County United Way, use agency code 6000.

Where do I find information on Fort Collins-based organizations?
Visit the Colorado State CCC site at www.colorado.gov/ccc/and select “Donors”.

What is the duration of my payroll deduction and when does it begin?
Deductions will begin in January 2018 and continue through December 2018 unless you indicate a shorter duration on your pledge form.

I currently have deductions taken from my paycheck for the CCC pledge I made last year. Do I need to sign another pledge card for this year’s campaign?
Yes. A designation must be made every year, even for renewals. This gives you an opportunity to donate to agencies which may have been added to this year’s campaign.

Are contributions tax-deductible?
Yes, within the tax laws — if you itemize. Make a copy of your form for your records.

Who decides which agencies participate in the campaign?
Your CCC Employee Advisory Board posts a public notice each year inviting umbrella groups to apply. Advisory committee members review the applications to determine if the applicant meets the requirements set forth by the CCC. Normally, if the applicant meets all the requirements, they are invited to participate.

How much does it cost to run the statewide campaign?
The CCC plays an important role in fundraising for Colorado nonprofits. Each year, hundreds of nonprofits apply to be part of the campaign, recognizing the benefit of approaching thousands of potential donors through one giving platform. The CCC Advisory Committee reviews and approves the budget and projected administrative expenses for each campaign year. The administrative expenses cover office space, utilities, personnel, printing, a CPA audit and other related costs to ensure a successful and well-managed campaign. The CCC budgets expenses at or below 15% of the campaign total.

If I donate with a credit card, when is it charged?
Credit card donations are processed as soon as they are received.

Additional Questions?
Contact Katie Esquivel at katie.esquivel@colostate.edu.

Thank you for participating in the Colorado Combined Campaign!