Celebrate! 15 years of service: Kimberly Grubbs

grubbsGrowing up, Colorado native Kimberly Grubbs didn’t think she’d end up having a career in higher education.

But after graduating from Colorado Mesa University with a B.A. in psychology, Grubbs and her husband were ready to make a move to the other side of the state, where Grubbs started off working for another university. But it didn’t take long for Colorado State University to offer a more appealing opportunity.

“This job blossomed into something I never expected,” she said. “It gave me a personal passion that was never a part of my past jobs and it really continued to grow.”

When Grubbs started working here at CSU, she began in the Office of the Provost and Executive Vice President. After a year she transferred to the Department of Athletics, where she spent five years and was able to work with five different sports teams. During her time with athletics, she also worked with Triple Crown Sports for two years, and then took her current position with the Associated Students of Colorado State University. She has been with them for the past 10 years. ASCSU is run by Grubbs and students; they are supported by about 15 advisors who work with each student leader. When students have ideas, Grubbs guides them, giving them the tools they need to achieve their visions.

Her favorite part of her job is advising the students who really want to get connected with the University to better themselves as students and future professionals.

“We plant trees, and we don’t always get the opportunity to see the full development and the shape it’s going to mature into, but I do strongly believe in the profession and that we are planting some great trees,” she said “So it’s really great being a part of the professionals that provide these advancement opportunities for students. I’m mesmerized by some of the professionals that I get to work with.”

A Ram at heart

grubbs2In May 2014 Grubbs earned her master’s degree here at CSU.

“It was getting my master’s in student affairs and higher education that has led me to my passion of not only the clerical side, but working with the students and helping them develop,” she said. “That’s what I really enjoy.”

Being the only professional staff member who is in the ASCSU office all day, students look to Grubbs for guidance. She attributes her never-ending learning process to the SAHE masters program, which allowed her to take what she learned in the classroom into her job and vice versa.

“This position has allowed me to be the mom I wanted to be,” she said, “along with using my master’s for student growth. I love being my daughter’s mom, but I think I’m better at it because I work here.”

Being a Windsor resident makes it easy for Grubbs and her family to make the quick trip out to CSU and immerse themselves in other cultural and diversity events that they really enjoy.

“I brought them to the recent Holocaust Survivor speaker, which was really important for my daughters to see different experiences people have,” she said. “I don’t think they would get to experience that otherwise. So, I’m really passionate about providing those opportunities to them and continuously trying to allow them to be involved in some of the great opportunities that I’ve had here at CSU.”

When she’s not in the office, Grubbs can be found snapping photos, completing puzzles and being with her family. Having a 10- and 13-year-old keeps her busy with softball and cheerleading most weekends.

“Some of the things I’ve gotten involved in are due to what my students at CSU have introduced me to, like Pitch Perfect and green gardening.”

As for the future? Grubbs said she is ready for anything.

“I’m open to seeing what the future has… I never expected this path.”