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Joan Viladomat to speak at CSU

Joan Viladomat, president of PGI and Grandvalira Ski Resort will give a presentation at 3 p.m. Monday Sept. 22 in Behavioral Sciences Building Room A101.

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The gap between science and environmental policy

The science-policy gap refers to the difficulty of turning scientific information into policy and decisions.

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Is global warming being accelerated in the Arctic?

The soils in the Arctic have banked more carbon over thousands of years than the carbon contained in all of the world’s vegetation and the earth’s atmosphere combined.

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GPS, cell phones help protect African elephants

The viral spread of smartphones has jumped a species. African elephants are now also benefiting, thanks to new software algorithms developed by researchers and conservationists.

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Study: More than 100,000 African elephants killed

New research reveals an estimated 100,000 elephants in Africa were killed for their ivory between 2010 and 2012.

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