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Spooky is in the air

Halloween brings out the I-don’t-ever-really-want-to-grow-up in all of us. Make the rounds at Colorado State University next week to join in Halloween-inspired activities like the Rec Center’s Zombie Tag Game and the UCA’s Halloween Organ Extravaganza.

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Celebrated Borromeo String Quartet

If there was ever a group of classical musicians who arrived at a concert to be met by hoards of screaming fans, the Borromeo String Quartet would be it.

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Arts Program: Music, Theatre and Dance Tickets

Through C2C, employees receive one free pair of tickets per school year.

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A Splendid Home for a World-Class Organ

In 1968, 25,000 pounds of intricately fashioned pipe organ parts and hundreds of board feet of solid oak casework were delivered to campus and installed in the Music Building. Several months later, the Casavant organ, replete with 2,096 pipes, 56-note

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