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GPS, cell phones help protect African elephants

The viral spread of smartphones has jumped a species. African elephants are now also benefiting, thanks to new software algorithms developed by researchers and conservationists.

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Gamers know grammar, and aren’t afraid to use it

Gamers use good grammar? Surprising as it might sound, that’s one the findings from studies of online gaming chat led by a CSU researcher. The studies found that millennials – notorious for misused language and sloppy typing – are actually

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CSU, Google, & Environmental Defense measure methane

For the past year, Google Street View cars roaming Indianapolis, Boston and New York’s Staten Island have captured more than just images. With the help of a Colorado State University team led by Professor Joe von Fischer, the vehicles also

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Traffic noise puts prairie dogs on high alert

The cost of living near a freeway may be on the rise, for wildlife. Expanding roadways and traffic world-wide is a key contributor to habitat fragmentation, and researchers at Colorado State University have discovered that anthropogenic noise from road traffic

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Nanoparticles may aid oil recovery, frack fluid tracking

Two Colorado State University researchers are examining how nanoparticles move underground, knowledge that could eventually help improve recovery in oil fields and discover where hydraulic fracking chemicals travel. Vivian Li, assistant professor in the Department of Design and Merchandising, and William

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Fisher joins Office of Vice President for Research

The Office of the Vice President for Research has selected longtime chemistry professor Ellen Fisher to serve on its leadership team.

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CSU team helps NASA satellite watch Earth breathe

NASA recently launched its first satellite dedicated to measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide. Colorado State University scientists helped develop the algorithms that will crunch data collected by the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 satellite. Chris O’Dell watched the launch of NASA’s first satellite

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Colorado research universities to lead U.S. contribution to global environmental initiative

The United States has been selected as one of five international hubs for Future Earth, an ambitious 10-year research initiative to address global environmental change solutions and actions. The U.S. hub will be headquartered in Colorado and managed jointly by

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Researcher: ‘Hot’ yoga yields fitness benefits

Researchers at Colorado State University have produced some of the first scientific evidence that Bikram yoga, a type of “hot yoga,” has beneficial effects on fitness. They are also the first to quantify the number of calories burned while practicing

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Tuberculosis Innovation

Half a world away from most of the world's tuberculosis victims, researchers lead the fight against a disease that still ravages millions of lives in developing countries, and lurks in the shadows of the most developed nations. The largest tuberculosis Read More