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CSU goes to bat for threatened species

A CSU program is conducting an inventory of bats in anticipation of the arrival of White Nose Syndrome in Colorado.

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Researcher conceives new cow pregnancy test

Thomas "Tod" Hansen recently won the Animal Physiology and Endocrinology Award from the American Society of Animal Science. As a young man working on his family ranch, Colorado State University reproductive scientist Thomas “Tod” Hansen checked cattle for pregnancy using conventional rectal Read More

Microbes in Central Park soil: If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere

CSU and CU researchers found soil microbes that thrive from deserts to rainforests living beneath New York City.

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CSU researchers put home-brewed diesel biofuel to the test

CSU researchers recently tested a homemade biofuel made by eastern Colorado farmers in the University’s Engines and Energy Conversion Laboratory.

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Testing the water: New CSU system monitors water quality at oil and gas sites in real time

A steady stream of data collected at oil and natural gas sites in the Denver-Julesburg Basin flows into a server at CSU, where researchers use it to analyze groundwater quality.

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The State of Innovation in Colorado

Startups, innovation lead to long-term job growth in Colorado, according to new CSU report.

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Remarkable research records

CSU set new research records in Fiscal Year 2014, reinforcing CSU’s role as a significant contributor to the state’s innovation ecosystem.

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Researcher, UN panel find ozone layer on the mend

This week, A.R. “Ravi” Ravishankara delivered some good news about the fragile shield of stratospheric gas: The ozone layer appears to be recovering.

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A fern, a fertilizer, a feed and a fuel

Inside Jason Prapas’ backyard sit two blue kiddie pools covered in plastic, each filled with thousands of aquatic ferns the width of a dime growing in a mixture of water and waste.

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Is global warming being accelerated in the Arctic?

The soils in the Arctic have banked more carbon over thousands of years than the carbon contained in all of the world’s vegetation and the earth’s atmosphere combined.

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