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Women & Gender Collaborative invites grant proposals to improve campus culture

The Women and Gender Collaborative is accepting grant proposals for innovative projects that promise to create long-term positive impacts around women and gender at CSU to be funded for a 2-year period beginning in the 2017-18 academic year.

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Salary Equity Committee releases findings, recommendations on faculty study

The CSU Salary Equity Committee has concluded its 2017 analysis of tenure/tenure-track faculty salaries, and is releasing two reports with its findings and recommendations to the administration for moving forward. The committee will host a series of campus forums starting March 31 to present information about the study and next steps.

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‘Shifting our trajectory’: The Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty

It can seem a pretty daunting challenge when you serve on a committee who has been charged with bringing about major institutional change, overcoming obstacles and structural constraints shaped by history and human nature over 150 years. But the Standing Committee on the Status of Women Faculty has moved swiftly, boldly and with determination to forge a better future for CSU.

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Pay equity in Colorado: Not just a women’s issue

The gender wage gap – women earning less than men – is not a new problem.

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Ripple Effect announces grant recipients

Sharing success stories, mentoring programs, polishing up writing skills, and a leadership-focused book club are examples of the eight employee-generated ideas funded by the Ripple Effect at Colorado State University. “We are so pleased by the innovation and creativity shown

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Ripple Effect offers grants for innovative ideas

CSU has always been a place of great innovation, where faculty and staff breathe life into pioneering ideas that change the way we solve problems around the globe. Now, thanks to a donor, the Ripple Effect has $50,000 in funding

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