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Researchers examine disease in mountain lions

A Colorado State University research team is examining how illnesses are transmitted in mountain lion populations in an effort to manage future outbreaks of diseases, such as feline leukemia virus, that could threaten the species. Susan VandeWoude, a research veterinarian Read More

Pet Health: Watch for pet poisons around your home, and form a plan for emergency response

Accidental poisoning is among the most common problems seen in emergency veterinary medicine. Learn what you can and can’t feed your pet.

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Student probes Parkinson’s disease

The disease that ended his grandfather’s life has shaped student Lukas Foster’s in a different way. Parkinson’s disease hits close to home for Foster, a Colorado State University biomedical sciences major whose grandfather, Willie Bandorf, suffered from the progressive neurological

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It’s show time! Veterinarians advise ways to avoid infection while traveling with horses

Summer is peak season for horse shows and events, and Colorado State University veterinarians remind riders that it’s important if traveling to take steps that will help prevent the spread of equine infectious disease. Recent cases and outbreaks of equine

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Pets need good dental care, and that requires general anesthesia

Dental disease is one of the most common problems identified during an exam at the veterinary office.

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Pet Health: Help pets avoid hazards during the holiday season

Avoid these hazards food and decoration hazards during the holidays.

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