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Einstein’s Light, the documentary

The Einstein’s Light documentary, meant to be accompanied by live violin music, examines the inspiration that Einstein gained from music. “The theory of relativity occurred to me by intuition,” Einstein said, “and music is the driving force behind this intuition.”

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Princess of Thailand makes second visit to CSU to learn about cancer research

Robert Williams, a chemistry professor, explained how he and his colleagues are trying to develop new cancer drugs from marine organisms.

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CSU study finds “islands” of evolution within an island

Study challenges long-held notion that mountain ranges, canyons and other physical are needed to spur biodiversity.

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New KCSU show highlights research, innovation

Mary Willson, a communications studies major, launched her “What the Wonder” radio show this semester.

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For CSU professor every day is Groundhog Day

Greg Florant, a professor of biology, has studied groundhogs and marmots for 40 years.

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Biology professor named Leopold Leadership Fellow

Chris Funk is the 10th CSU professor to participate in the program.

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Blogging from the ends of the earth

University Distinguished Professor Diana Wall and her research team are currently in Antarctica for another season studying the soil and the organisms that live in it in the McMurdo Valley.

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Pyschology professor wins early career award

The Psychonomic Society recently honored Professor Jessica Witt for her research contributions.

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Graduates share unique stories, overcome obstacles

Whether overcoming tremendous obstacles or achieving academic excellence, these outstanding Colorado State University fall 2014 graduates have accomplished major personal goals and are prepared to begin meaningful careers as future leaders in their communities.

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Graduates, celebrate! Commencement Dec. 19-20

Colorado State University will confer degrees on fall 2014 graduates at commencement ceremonies Dec. 19-20. College ceremonies and Army ROTC commissioning will recognize 1,426 undergraduate and 454 graduate students, including 71 doctoral students and 6 Army ROTC Commissionees at Colorado Read More