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The fact that people in general are living longer and longer is good news, but that also creates a need for addressing critical challenges related to age-related diseases and disabilities. Even more important, it challenges us to consider ways to promote successful, healthy aging so people can live the healthiest and most productive lives.

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In 2015, Bob and Kitty Wilson donated $5 million on behalf of Columbine Health Systems for the creation of the Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging.  Bob is president and CEO of Columbine Health Systems. The Columbine Health System donation provides a central place for significant research into aging currently occurring at Colorado State University. The Columbine Health Systems Center for Healthy Aging is poised to address these challenges by serving as a catalyst for interdisciplinary research, education and community engagement around cutting-edge issues involved in healthy and successful aging.

The university currently engages in healthy aging research in multiple disciplines, including biological, cognitive, psychological, social, and behavioral. Until now, a place for for older adults to participate in research programs, and for CSU student learning opportunities, has not existed.True to CSU’s land-grant heritage, a significant focus of activity will involve community engagement and the translation of scientific discoveries to programs and policies that support successful aging.

Columbine Health Systems also will offer infusion therapy, which is administering medication through an IV or catheter, in the center via two private infusion suites. Services will include IV antibiotics, hydration biologics and blood products, working collaboratively with the patient’s physician. These services, though Poudre Infusion Therapy, a Columbine Health Systems company, will be available to the public.

About Columbine Health Systems

Columbine Health Systems serves Fort Collins, Loveland, Berthoud, and Windsor.

Columbine employs more than 1, 500 people who care for 1, 200 people each day. Most clients have lived, worked, or retired in Northern Colorado.

About 20 Colorado State University students are interns through out Columbine Health Systems during any semester. Columbine also annually sponsors the Columbine Health Systems Gerontology Minor at CSU and $14,000 in student scholarships.

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