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Team lands NIH funds to examine tuberculosis and metabolism

…ding to the World Health Organization. In 2013, an estimated 9 million people became ill with TB and 1.5 million died from the disease. The TBRU in which CSU is involved, “Metabolic Factors that Control the Spectrum of Human Tuberculosis,” is expected to receive up to $19.5 million over seven years. The unit will examine how the chronic bacterial infection changes metabolism and why altered metabolism increases TB disease susceptibility….

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CSU study offers new recommendations for TB vaccine testing in humans

…t of the vaccines out there use laboratory strains in testing. Ian has led the field to push for testing clinical strains.” The study, “The efficacy of the BCG vaccine against newly emerging clinical strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis,” was published in September. Learn more about CSU’s tuberculosis research and the scientists looking for new ways to test for TB, new drugs to treat it, and vaccines to prevent tuberculosis before or…

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Immunology professor lands national honor for TB research

…rch Laboratories, which has grown to include more than 150 research personnel. It is located in one of the most secure laboratories of its kind in the world, where researchers can work with some of the most virulent types of tuberculosis. “With over 2 billion people infected with M. tuberculosis worldwide, the current and future potential impact of Dr. Orme’s work is truly impressive,” AAAS Fellow Jeffrey Wilusz, one of Orme’s fellow professors…

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From the bench: Grad students win for research into HIV, prions, reproduction and more

…roject: Immune Response Against Mycobacterium Tuberculosis after Acquisition of Isoniazid Resistance Description: Virulence, pathology and immune response of the TB bacterium. “My work is focused on the bacterium that causes tuberculosis and its resistance to one specific drug called isoniazid. I studied what happens to the tuberculosis bacterium when it becomes drug-resistant.” Award: CVMBS Best Poster by a PhD or MS-Thesis Researcher Mentor:…

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Students compete with research in health, medicine

…professor of mycobacterial pathology The infectious disease tuberculosis is a leading cause of death around the world. Joen aims to use small molecule compound adjuvants to overcome the antibiotic resistance of Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The approach could boost immunity and improve therapeutic strategies for tuberculosis patients. “Research fulfills my passion to discover unknown things about infectious disease and provides me with a valuable…

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Breakthrough imaging tool maps cells’ composition in 3-D

…h an interdisciplinary group of faculty, devised and built the instrument with help from students. She found a partner in CSU’s renowned Mycobacteria Research Laboratories, which seek new treatments for the global scourge of tuberculosis. The partners described the system in a paper published earlier this year in Nature Communications. Unprecedented detail Dean Crick, a professor who researches tuberculosis, collaborated with Menoni to refine…

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Biosafety director earns acclaim for securing research pathogens

…. A lot of our human vaccines were developed in animals first. A lot of the equine vaccines for West Nile virus were tested and proven here, as were some of the new rabies vaccines for horses. Some of the newest vaccines for tuberculosis are being developed here. To do that, you need the resources from a lab standpoint and resources from a training standpoint to do it correctly and safely. Biosafety typically is concerned with pathogens that…

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Young scientists present intriguing and surprising research

…with Sue VandeWoude First place Laura Martin, clinical sciences Ph.D. student; Francisco Olea-Popelka, mentor Presentation The Impact of Local Weather on European Badger (Meles meles) Capture Success: Implications for Bovine Tuberculosis Management “My presentation was about successfully capturing badgers and how that relates to tuberculosis. I’m interested in doing research for a governmental agency or academia.” Stacey Hunvald with Sue…

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Biosafety Office becomes part of Vice President for Research division

…h laboratories that investigate bacteria, viruses and other infectious agents with the goal to prevent, treat and cure significant global diseases. These diseases often affect people, animals and plants worldwide and include tuberculosis, dengue fever, West Nile virus, equine encephalitis, malaria, plague, rabies, tularemia, rice diseases and many others. Among other duties, the BSO assists the research community to prevent exposure to materials…

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International climate change experts converge on CSU Monday

…ng steel columns that blow carbon dioxide onto the foliage of trees and other plants to measure how they respond to elevated levels of a gas associated with climate change. For Orme, whose specialty is not climate change but tuberculosis research, seeing those towers and listening to HIE researchers was eye-opening. “You sit in a room with these people and you get the impression that we are in trouble,” said Orme, who wrote an opinion piece…

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